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The core focus of AFIYU is providing mentorship for youth. An adult mentor is partnered with a youth mentee and the premise behind this is so that young, black boys receive positive representation from men who look like them and who they can relate to both culturally and socially. 

In September 2022 A.F.I.Y.U. Enterprise launched its program in Youth Mentorship. The goal was to have up to 20 black youth between the ages of 9 – 16 in communities in the Durham Region and Scarb paired up with trained mentors to form meaningful relationships to provide them with positive role models. AFIYU provides our mentorship program through a targeted approach with the direct needs of black and minority at-risk youth in mind. 

Our mentorship program requires the recruitment and training volunteer mentors and the inaugural project began in January 2022 to run for 14 months. The project involves the screening, training and support of all mentors including vulnerable police background and professional reference checks. Trainees have access to online training along with training manuals. Training is conducted by consultants through virtual and in-person training . AFIYU provides ongoing support to mentors and mentees throughout the duration of the program to ensure success in the relationship between mentor and mentee. 

Mentors are paired according to chosen age demographics, shared interests and areas of specialization. Mentorship is conducted on a one-to-one basis as well as group mentorship. and will span for a minimum of 6 months. Meetings are virtual and in person.

History & Culture Awareness Program

Who you are (your past, present and future)

History and culture is a core dimension of AFIYU. We believe it is vital that our youth have knowledge and awareness of their history which then can help them to have self love and acceptance of who they are. 

Our programs will include:

  • Cultural Expressions Workshops
  • Dance, Music, Art, Poetry Sessions
  • Black Museums and Site Excursions 
  • Book Clubs (Reading Black History)
  • Participation in Cultural Events
  • And more….

Character Building Program

 Character, ethics and morals are important   principles that should be taught from an   early age. At AFIYU we believe children live   what they learn and our goal is to partner   with parents to help guide behaviour from 
 an early age. 
 Topics include: 
  • Be a Leader: Leadership skills training
  • Kindness is not Weakness
  • Building and Fostering great relationships
  • Anti-bullying/cyber-bullying awareness programs
  • Know your gifts
  • webinars

Mental Health Awareness Program

Approximately 1 in 5 children and youth in Ontario has a mental health challenge. About 70% of mental health challenges have their onset in childhood or youth. That’s why early identification and intervention is so critical and can lead to improved achievement in school and better health outcomes in life. This is based on information from Canadian Mental Health Association. AFIYU recognizes that this is endemic in the black community and so we are committing to provide support with  mental health awareness programs.  We are partnering with professionals and professional agencies with a goal to address these issues. 

 Workshop topics include:

  • Anger Management
  •  Anxiety and Depression
  •  Learning Disability
  • Eating Disorders
  • Loss and Grief
  •  Resources and where to find them

Money Matters Program
- Managing Finances as a Youth

It’s never too young to learn about proper financial management. AFIYU will provide our youth programs and workshops to  give them to the tools at an early age 

Workshops will include:

  • Managing Finances as a youth
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Learning about Investing
  • Credit and credit card use
  • Financial Safety online

Our Mentorship Program


Program Overview:

Please see the attached. This overview is what we have been using for our programming structure. We are constantly working on new additions and upgrades but this has been our guideline.

Mentorship Responsibilities:

We typically try to match the mentor with the youth based on the primary need of the youth. That’s the starting point. Mentors are asked to build a friendship and develop a relationship with them. This can be through various activities usually based on the likes and interest of the youth (sports, games etc). AFIYU helps to facilitate these by providing tickets to games, movies etc. Mentors can plan, devise their own activities as well. (It is to be noted that parents and AFIYU should be privy to any activity involving one on one and ‘away’ activities).

Not a requirement, but any specific professional skills and experience may be used in matching mentors to mentees. What is required is a genuine desire to be a guide and support to a youth. Empathy, patience. good listener and respect are qualities that can make a good mentor.

Time Commitment:

Ideally, we request a 1 year commitment for the duration of the mentorship, however we realize it is more realistic to give mentors the flexibility of choosing least 6 months to 1 year. For the amount of time spent on a weekly/monthly basis, we have left that up to mentors and mentees to determine that time. Our recommendation is at least 8 hours per month preferably on a weekly basis. However it can be bi-weekly as well.

AFIYU has scheduled programs/workshops that we ask mentors to attend, at least in the early part of the mentorship. These are primarily once per month or bi-monthly. There are also other activities but not mandatory to attend and only out of interest.

Training and Support:

Yes, some training will be provided as well as support and regular check-in by our Mentor Coordinator.

Application Process:

Our application form can be found online. Please visit the website to follow the application process. We also require a vulnerable sector check as well as 2 references.

**AFIYU will provide a letter for the VSC and will pay the costs.

Next Steps:

Fill out the online application form OR print and return by email to info@afiyuenterprise.com.

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