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AFIYU Summer soccer debuted last summer with 29 kids registered. This mix of 5 – 12 boys and girls were paired with head coach Stephen Miller and Asst coach Stephanie along with AFIYU volunteer coaches, Brian, Troy, Marlond, Garth and Wayne who took them on a exciting mix of training and friendly games. The kids had tons of fun, made new friends and ended the season with certificates, special recognition plus pizza! They had a blast and many returned for AFIYU winter soccer. The parents were just as involved and the kids and had good things to say about the program. Here are some of what parents are saying:


My son has really enjoyed practicing and playing soccer through the A.F.I.Y.U Soccer program on Sunday afternoons! He’s learned new skills, but has also gotten the opportunity to practice skills that he already knew. My son also engaged every week in fun soccer games with his teammates. The price is affordable and the coaches made practices fun! Thanks A.F.I.Y.U. Channon A. Oyeniran (Ara)

I am so grateful for AFIYU and the great work they are doing in the community.  I have two sons who take part in the activities and they really enjoy the experiences they’ve had. Thank you AFIYU team for connecting my family to great resources and support in our community. Natassia (Nathaniel)

He has enjoyed the sessions of being able to learn new skills and they try them out.  

What I had enjoyed were the lessons In sportsmen ship and the other values that comes with sports.  Not just being the star player and learning to work and respect other team members.  Looks like to coaches tried to keep that part going which is valuable and I don’t see it in other organizations he has been in. They focus on just the win.  Good job in what this program has done. Arlene (Quentin)

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